Goals and Objectives of Psychology

We are Going to discuss about the Goals and Objectives of Psychology main focus is to help People to learn and understand what are the essential and important areas of study in psychology. Also People will be enabled to understand and learn the basic concepts which psychology is mainly based on Objective .

 Practical application of knowledge

How to use psychology and psychological concepts in every day life is an essential component, besides having a basic understanding of the theoretical part of it. It is expected that after completing this course, the student will be able to use the psychological concepts for resolving problems, or at least identifying, problem areas and situations where psychological intervention is required Goals.

 The course will be taught bilingually

By the end of the term the People will be able to Understand and use basic terminology of psychology: Terms, concepts and processes when we are studying and applying psychology’s principles in daily life tasks Nature Understanding of how to conduct psychological research is very important and it needs thorough study of research techniques of how to conduct research, what are the basic steps involved, how to verify the findings; and most importantly, whether it is ethical as well as applicable to humans or not; The People will get a feel of it. The scientific methodology will not be discussed in detail since this is an introductory, foundation, course.

The People will be familiarized with a number of areas of psychology. After completing this course you may feel that you have developed a keen interest in psychology and want to carry on with studying this discipline; at that point the knowledge from this course will help you in to choosing the desired field in which you want to specialize. Also the knowledge and information gained from this course will help you in understanding the concepts in courses like organizational behavior, management, consumer behavior, and Goals research methods.


Goals of Psychology

Main and important goals of psychology, or in other words of understanding human behavior and mental processes, are

• To understand the nature and mechanisms of behavior and mental processes

• To develop an understanding of the relationship between behavior and  mental processes

• To apply this understanding to real life situations and, on the basis of this understanding, predict For the future

• To employ the scientific approach for developing this understanding


In short, the main goals of psychology are:

a) Observation,

b) Description,

c) Understanding,

d) Explanation,

e) Prediction, and

f) Control of human behavior and mental processes.

While studying psychology, you come to know that psychology’s applications are not limited to curing mental problems only, but have wide range of  applications from the minor to the most extensive tasks in which psychological principles can be used. Here it is important for you to identify situations where psychology’s principles and interventions Objectives can be used in order to resolve the issue.

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