Nature of Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is an offshoot and a part and parcel of psychology, so its nature can not be different from the main subject. The following points further confirm the nature of educational psychology as scientific.

1. Educational psychology possesses a well-organized systematic body of facts which is supported by the psychological laws and principles.

2. It is constantly in the search of the truth, which is studying the behavior of the learner in relation to his educational environment. The results of any study in educational psychology can be challenged and are modified or altered in terms of the latest explanations and findings.

3. Educational psychology does not accept hearsay and does not take anything for granted. It emphasized that essentially there is some definite cause linked with a behavior. And the causes of this behavior are not related to super natural phenomenon.

4. Educational psychology is mostly concerned with the “what” and “why” of happenings in the present instead of caring for the past. Therefore, in its study it focuses attention on problems like the present behavior of the learner, the causes of such behavior, and the repercussion if it were to continue unchanged.

5. The generalizations arrived at conclusions reach through the study of educational psychology are sufficiently reliable and thus like the sciences these can be used for predictions of behavior in similar situations. R.B.Cattell the modern psychologist believed so much in the predictable quality of these studies that he persisted in defining personality as well attribute which permits the prediction of what a person will do in a given situation.

This discussion shows that educational psychology is sufficiently scientific in fact it is an applied behavioral science, which deals with the behavior of learner in the educational environment. Since the learner’s behavior is dynamic and unpredictable and the methods of its study are also not absolute and objective, educational psychology can not claim the status of a developed positive science like other natural or applied sciences. Although we accept its nature as quiet scientific yet we can not term it as a developed positive science and have to satisfy ourselves with saying that it is a developing positive science of the learner’s behavior.

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