Twins Studies Nature Vs Nurture

Studies to Determine the Relative Importance of Nature vs Nurture  Twin Studies Research. Psychology Studies making use of twins, identical or fraternal…reared apart and reared together The case of Gerald Levey and Mark Newman, twins reared apart, who had not seen each other before: When method, both were bald, 6 and a half feet tall, volunteer fire fighters, 250 pounds in weight, had droopy moustaches, wearing key rings on right side of their belts, liked to wear aviator style dark glasses; both had interest in similar subjects, had jobs in the supermarket, and liked tall, slender women with long hair; had similar hobbies, liked Chinese food and same drinks; showed similar mannerism, laugh similarly, and loved to fight fire

Twin Studies with Monozygotic Twins
i. Twins reared apart: Same genes-different environment
ii. Twins reared together: Same genes-same environment

Twin Studies with Dizygotic Twins
a. Twins reared apart: Different genes-different environment
b. Twins reared together: Different genes-same environment

Twin Studies with Dizygotic Twins
i. Adoption Studies
Children with different sets of genes, brought up by same parents…in same environment.
ii. Consanguinity Studies
Study of as many blood relatives as possible of a particular family; these study the extent to which
certain features/ characteristics are shared.
iii. Selective Breeding of Traits in Animals
Certain characteristics are cultivated in animals (running in a maze, aggression, obesity etc) and if it is transmitted on to the next generation then that trait is partly inherited. These findings are then generalized to humans…. although its validity is doubtful Research on Nature vs Nurture, Focusing on Environmental Issues
• Research looking for possible environmental causes for certain traits/ behaviors
• These include prenatal studies, and studies involving manipulation of the environmental factors e.g.nutrition, exercise, drugs, pollution.
• These involve comparing actual history: surveys etc.
Limitations of Nature vs Nurture Research
o Ethical considerations in research with humans
o Not all animal research can be applied to humans

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